MEDINA - A contemporary interpretation of a Moroccan Lantern

Evoking the patterns and atmosphere of the souks of Marrakesh, this translucent acrylic lamp can stand alone or hang as an exotic centrepiece. Intricately cut-out geometrical shapes are projected onto surrounding surfaces by the 60 watt incandescent bulb. The traditional Moroccan design adds a distinctly atmospheric spice to a wide range of contemporary environment.

Accessories: extra colour acrylic shapes can be placed into the lampís cut-out slots to further enhance and extenuate the drama of Medina. 


  • Dimensions: H 577 x W 323 when assembled
  • Eight pieces of 10mm thick frosted acrylic slot together
  • Assembly/disassembly requires only a standard screwdriver
  • Can be used as a hanging light or a table lamp
  • Available in frost white or other colours to order

Price: To be announced shortly

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